Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Do Panic Attacks Create Procastination

One to think about this one.Personally speaking, i think that to a certain extent that statement is true,because if you are in a state of panic or you feel as though you are heading towards a panic attack, procastinating at that particular time may well be your temporary saviour .By procastinating (doing nothing, shutting yourself out from any form of action) at just before you go into panic mode, everything in your world will freeze for that particular moment therefore giving you time to either fight or flight for the day, remember not fighting the battle today will give you time to fight your battle tommorow so plan your time wisely.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Dealing with panic attacks

The thing with panic attacks is that they can occur at any time, one momment you are happy, fine and dandy,the next some thing happens and suddenly all hell's breaking loose.Panic attacks are something deep within us that we have yet to truley conquer, we may learn how to combat them more quicker the more we analyse them and find out what is triggering them.But to truley conquer them we really have to kill our self doubt about the things we think we cant handle.Its not easy, i know, but persistency will get you there in the end.